The Micro Spa, LLC
Caring for your skin
​The Micro Spa focuses on goal oriented skin care treatments customized to your skin type.  Not all skin is the same nor should it be treated the same.  I do my best to provide a calm, relaxing, atmosphere to make your treatments as enjoyable as possible.  I use high quality products to provide great results.  Integraderm is an excellent skin care line with powerful active ingredients to boost skin function.  I am excited to say that I support local business by using Integraderm.  These products are made locally in Fort Myers, Florida.  Book an appointment today and come see what I am all about.

I have been practicing massage for 5+ years and have recently added Esthetics to my  repertoire.  I love both massage and skin care, and feel they go hand-in-hand.  I struggled for years with my own skin problems and finally decided to take my knowledge of the Epidermis to the next level so I could help myself.  Now I can help others, too.  Skin care is a life long journey and journeys are better with company.  Let me be a part of your skin care journey so I can help along the way.  

Keturah R. Buhr LMT, FS